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BPM software can help companies make the most of cloud computing

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
October 4, 2012

Business process management software offers companies the ability to integrate their cloud, social media and mobile efforts to derive procedural gains. This is becoming especially important as more organizations use the cloud with specific operational goals in mind.

Companies turning to cloud to solve IT goals

A recent IDC study found that approximately 44 percent of businesses turning to a cloud computing solution are doing so in an effort to resolve specific operational and IT challenges. The ability to use the cloud for specific problems is also pushing more companies toward the solution, as many organizations are planning to deploy the technology for even more functions in the future.

Solving specific problems are not the only reason why companies are turning to the cloud. Approximately 26 percent of those polled said they are using cloud computing in an effort to cut costs. Another 21 percent of respondents said their goal in enlisting the cloud is to replace legacy systems. A final motivating point is being able to deploy applications in a more flexible way, which was the primary driver for 14 percent of survey participants.

David Tapper, vice president of outsourcing and offshore services market research for IDC, explained that many companies are beginning to realize that the primary benefits of cloud computing go well beyond costs.

"As the U.S. cloud services market continues to mature, enterprises find that overall business impact and productivity gains from the cloud are as significant as achieving cost reductions," said Tapper.

Using BPM to get the most from the cloud

With more companies enlisting cloud computing solutions to generate business gains, it is imperative that companies use the technologically to strategically improve operations. BPM software can provide a vital tool in enabling organizations to gain the greatest benefits from their cloud investments.

When using cloud solutions, employees often access the solution using a diverse range of devices. Furthermore, the data feeding cloud applications tends to come for a variety of sources, including social media sites. As a result, it can be easy for workers to be overwhelmed by information when working in the cloud. The technology accelerates operations so many that manual processes can struggle to keep up. BPM solutions can automate repeatable business functions so employees can focus on the more important decisions they have to make.

Malcolm Ross

Vice President of Product Marketing

Malcolm Ross