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Appian World 2012 Keynote: Appian 2012 - Matt Calkins

Alena Davis, Appian
April 16, 2012

After a lively presentation from Daryl Plummer, Matt Calkins, Appian CEO, took the stage to discuss his vision for Appian and BPM in 2012.

Highlights from his presentation include:

    • Native Mobile is growing in importance. In the past 5 years, sales of iPhones, iPads and Android devices have skyrocketed. Native mobile apps are easy to use and enable universal participation.

    • Appian's cloud BPM version has been out for 3 years and is stable and portable. It enables anyone to move from on-premise to a private or public cloud with complete security & control.

    • Social BPM for Work - it's the no-training interface. It's teaching, portable, scalable, and fun.

Calkins also provided a brief recap of Appian's impressive 2011 success:

    • +213% software sales

    • +95 new-name customers

    • 95% of customers "very satisfied."

Calkins discussed the value of a BPM platform for creating multiple applications. The average Appian customer has 10 applications, but it's Appian's goal to reduce the number of application silos. Because the applications use one unified environment, it's easy to share records, actions, and users across the board. This reduces cost while increasing value.

The theme for 2012 is data, which was highlighted when Appian World attendees got their first look at Appian 7. It has a beautiful, user-friendly interface which highlights news, tasks, records, reports and actions. It's people-centric, with robust data integration and rich user profiles. Attendees will learn more about the capabilities of Appian 7 on Day 2, in VP of Product Marketing Malcolm Ross's presentation.

Calkins finished his talk with a preview of Appian tempo, the new licensing model for enterprise-wide social collaboration, which will go live on July 11. It will allow access to social, mobile, and data. Enterprise clients who install it within 12 months will get a free upgrade.