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Appian World 2012 Case Study: Creating an Operational Business Management System - EBRD

Alena Davis, Appian
April 16, 2012

The first customer case study presentation at Appian World 2012 was given by Richard Pomeroy, Head of Information Systems, from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The EBRD is an international financial institution, which promotes transition to market economies in 29 countries from central Europe to central Asia. They are owned by 63 countries, the European Union and the European Investment Bank. The EBRD provides project financing for banks, industries and businesses. For each project, they mobilize investment capital and assign a dedicated team of specialists with specific sectoral, regional, legal and environmental skills.

Why BPM?

Key drivers for implementing the EBRD BPM solution

    • Operational risk reduction ñ e.g removal of manual / spreadsheet based processes

    • Improved operational efficiency ñ e.g. reduction of manual intensive processes

    • Improved controls, traceability and reporting

Originally, Appian was chosen for the EBRD's Consultancy Services Unit eSelection project. This project automated the consultant selection process, and was used bank-wide (700+ users). Appian was chosen for their implementation pedigree and their capability to fulfill the needs of the EBRD's process automation. The EBRD subsequently stayed with Appian for further deployments due to in-house experience with the tool, ease of use, and speed of deployment.

The EBRD currently has four departments using Appian based BPM software, ranging from eSelection to document and records management projects. Pomeroy said the overall cost of each subsequentAppian application has decreased, while BPM's value to ERBD has increased.

Pomeroy discussed the EBRD's usage of Tempo and Mobile for their Enterprise Growth Program. Regional users traveling from country to country are able to use multiple devices (including business Blackberry and consumer tablets) to provide project updates, get authorization for tasks on-the-go, and access their business processes. Tempo collaboration enables team notification of project events in a "familiar" interface.

Business & IT Benefits


    • Standardized business rules set across program

    • Common integrated platform and central repository enhancing knowledge sharing

    • Streamlined business processes automated through Tasks and alerts and System production of key documents

    • Clear role and responsibility definitions ensure accountability for activities and deliveries to Donors and stakeholders

    • Risk reduction and process control improvements

    • Improved disclosure and transparency of operations


    • Efficiency gains for Banking teams working with clients in countries of operation

    • Frequent and instant project status and knowledge sharing

Overall, Pomeroy said the EBRD was very impressed with the speed and ease of deployment of Appian BPM, and they have a substantial roadmap planned to expand their BPM implementation.