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IDC Case Study - BPM in the Cloud for ISV psHEALTH

Ben Farrell
November 1, 2010

Research firm IDC has published a very interesting case study on how solution vendor psHEALTH is using BPM in the cloud to drive rapid development of custom solutions for healthcare providers in the UK. There is increasing awareness of how organizations are using BPM to speed internal application development ñ particularly via the cloud. IDC's paper is particularly interesting because it highlights a new and growing trend of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) leveraging a BPM Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for accelerated solution deployment to their customers.

Ingolv Urnes, co-founder and principal of psHEALTH, talks about the variety of benefits the Appian Anywhere BPM PaaS delivers for his organization's development of healthcare case management solutions. As opposed to coding from scratch, Urnes champions the speed of model-driven development possible with BPM. He also talks about the flexibility benefits, as opposed to attempting to modify existing applications, stating:

"Our view is that there isn't an application that does healthcare case management, because the cases are so diverse. . .and then we've all seen examples of people buying an off-the-shelf solution and using 20 percent of the functionality, and it's really not the right tool."

With the mainstreaming of cloud delivery, BPM software gives ISVs a powerful tool to rapidly deliver a new generation of software and solutions that meet evolving customer requirements. By breaking the traditional mold of packaged application software, a BPM platform cam help ISVs radically transform their markets, realize substantial new revenue streams, and create strong competitive differentiation.

Read the IDC case study here. You can read more about BPM for ISVs in Appian's "Next-Generation Software and Solutions" whitepaper.

Ben Farrell, Director of Corporate Communications