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Appian 6 - Faster, Leaner, Easier

Malcolm Ross, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Appian
June 3, 2010

In the world of technology, is there such a thing as fast enough, lean enough, or easy enough?

No. Of course not! We in software and technology are naturally obsessed withsqueezingout a few nano-seconds in response time and trimming a few bytes off our footprint.

This obsession in Appian has led to a great new release for our customers.

Appian introduces a bevy of new architectural improvements which will dramatically reduce the footprint of the Appian environment and increases speed and performance by an order of magnitude in some cases.

So why did wecreate this release?

"We Feel Your Pain!"

Due to the dramatic success of Appian Anywhere, our SaaS based BPM solution, Appian now runs more Appian BPMS instances than almost all our on-premise customers combined.

When you run over 200 production BPMS instances with just a handful of administrators, you quickly learn that "Every Byte Counts!". The entire cloud experience has been a wonderful learning experience for Appian to understand all the pains and issues administrators go through in upgrading and tuning a BPMS for top performance. The main lesson learned is:"It needs to be fast, lean and above all easy!"

The performance improvements are not just great news to Appian, but also all our customers who run Appian inside their own firewall. Since the Appian Anywhere and Appian on-premise platforms are identical, customers enjoy all the benefits that Appian enjoys in simple administration and high performance.

Having now been in the SaaS/Cloud business for 3 1/2 years, I honestly wonder how other software companies do it? Then I realized, that's why other BPMS platforms routinely take over a week to just install, or they release upgrades to their platform that don't really upgrade your (the customer's) platform (like not being able to upgrade in-flight process instances).

All these upgrade, performance, and maintenance issues from other BPMS systems are just costs that the software company decided to make you, the customer, pay for instead of investing the time and money into releasing a quality platform. Being removed from the real-world by not running their own software in a high performance production environment, those BPMS vendors just don't "feel your pain" as a customer in managing your own BPMS environment.

If you're an existing Appian customer or partner and would like learn more or download the Appian 6 release, you can access the documentation and software from Appian Forum.


Malcolm Ross

Director Product Management