Excellence in Low-Code Awards

The Excellence in Low-Code Awards were created to recognize and honor exceptional individuals or teams leading meaningful business transformation with Appian.

The Innovation Award

The Innovation Award recognizes an individual or team that is leveraging Appian to disrupt their respective markets and serve as a catalyst for a new industry standard in how work is done.

2022 Innovation Winner

The United States Marine Corps’ TDM Catalyst application integrates people, processes, and data involved in Marine Corps’ weapon system Acquisition Logistics (AL) activities. AL activities are critical, serving as the bridge between the iterative acquisition activities and logistics sustainment processes required to support the life cycle management of weapon systems and equipment. Catalyst was one of the first Marine Corps programs to adopt an Agile software development methodology. Developed in just eighteen months from cradle to deployment, Catalyst is being refined continuously based on customer input. The Marine Corps now operates with the benefit of clean, accurate, validated, and automatically updated data, and the AL workforce is able to ensure warfighters get the right parts and equipment at the right time.  

2022 Innovation Leaders

NHS SCW’s Dynamic Discharge Solution (DDS) enables the effective discharge of patients from Acute Care (Hospitals) back into a community setting. It ensures that the Care pathway assigned to a patient is tracked and visible across the full consortium of care providers (from clinical, local government, charities, next of kin and patients themselves). The solution represents a revolutionary step for the NHS in shifting the systems landscape from being institution centric to being patient and role centric.

SOLANA is Pepper Money’s Asset Finance Loan Origination solution, designed and built to support introducers, customers, partners, and staff with a seamless asset finance digital application experience. It is a market-leading digital solution for the creation and end-to-end processing of finance applications for a wide range of asset types across both Consumer and Commercial asset finance and Novated Leasing. Solana improves approval rates and speeds up decisions to transform the asset finance experience with a reduction in the time to decision and time to settlement for the borrower.

The Impact Award

The Impact Award recognizes an individual or team that is using the Appian platform to revolutionize workflows to drive significant transformation within their organization.

2022 Impact Winner

Poste Italiane needed a back-office automation program to create a Digital Desk on which to implement, track and monitor all back office processes to achieve continuous improvement, cost containment and productivity increase – while also driving the de-specialization of back office operators through the introduction of robotics to carry out interactions with legacy systems. Working with Appian, Poste Italiane has dramatically reduced its cost to serve. More than 70% of documents managed by back offices are now digitized, and lead times have been reduced by at least 30% for main products. Case management saw a reduction of case handling time from more than 30 days to 15 days within Inheritance Process. Response times for credit declarations have reduced from 15 days to 7 days. Production efficiency has increased by more than 60%.

2022 Impact Leaders

Aon, a leading global professional services firm, utilized Appian to optimize its reinsurance claims process resulting in a significant acceleration of claim uptake and invoice processing. This was done as part of an operating model change in Aon's Reinsurance Solutions group to leverage major processing hubs for transactional work to allow local staffing resources to focus on expanded client advocacy. 

Credito Real’s Payroll Credit Granting solution connects 7 distributors with a portfolio of 52 different products. Thanks to the Appian solution, Credito Real has been able to increase the number of payroll loans granted - from 18,000 payroll credits per month in 2018, to 29,000 per month in 2020.

2022 Panel of Judges

Neil Ward-Dutton
VP, AI and Intelligent Process Automation European Practices, IDC

Pavel Zamudio
Chief Customer Officer & SVP, Customer Success, Appian

Greg Marchese
Principal, KPMG

There is exceptional work being done by our customers across all industries with our low-code platform. It was difficult to select a winner among such strong nominations.

- Pavel Zamudio, Chief Customer Officer, Appian

Congratulations to our winners, finalists, and nominees.

Additional information will be made available regarding the 2023 Excellence in Low-Code Awards.