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Frequently asked questions.

The #lowcode4all program creates an affordable and accessible path to a career in low-code. 

The program guides eligible participants through a clear learning path to complete their Appian Certified Associate Developer exam at no cost through our scholarship program. Upon passing your exam, we’ll work together to provide hiring resources and job opportunities through our network of participating partner organizations.

Low-code is a visual approach to software development. Low-code lets you use visual drag and drop tools to build applications rather than manually developing an application with high-code languages, like HTML, Javascript, or Python. 

Low-code developers build applications such as employee/customer onboarding applications, insurance quote portals, and other applications that help organizations be more efficient.

The #lowcode4all program is free for eligible participants through our scholarship program.

Eligible participants include college students, military veterans, unemployed individuals, or career seekers. We ask applicants to provide proof of status to be accepted (e.g., student ID, military ID, etc.). You can apply for the program here, and we will let you know the next steps.

We’re here to help. Please reach out to for assistance.

Participants can apply for the program here. Once you apply, we will send you clear instructions for moving forward with the program.

The Appian Certified Associate Developer exam verifies that participants have a basic understanding of application building in the Appian platform including the design, development, and maintenance of apps according to best practices. This exam is available through our online proctored testing center and covers concepts introduced in the Appian Developer training curriculum. Completing this exam identifies the test taker as an Appian Certified Associate Developer.

The exam has 60 questions, including multiple choice, matching, and list-building. Once started, you have 60 minutes to complete the exam.

You will receive a free voucher to complete your Appian Certified Associate Developer exam upon passing your practice exam. The voucher will expire 60 days after you receive it.

You can only submit one application with the same email address. If you’ve already applied, the form will not allow you to submit another. For more questions, please reach out to us at

More questions?

Please visit the #lowcode4all webpage or reach out to for assistance.
You can apply for the program here.