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SWIFT gpi Cross-Border Payments Case Resolution

Reduce time to resolution across the payments chain.

While global payments continue to grow at a steady rate, exceptions and investigations (E&I) cause friction that slows down the payment process. Approximately 2%-10% of payments lead to an inquiry, resulting in long resolution times, lack of transparency, and a suboptimal customer experience. Automating case resolution of E&I allows financial institutions to eliminate inefficiencies and better serve their customers. Case resolution provides a centralized workflow and full audit trail, allows banks to exchange requests and responses in a timely, transparent and structured manner, and integrates seamlessly into existing bank environments.

Appian’s low-code automation platform and industry leading case management capabilities empower banks to take friction out of global payments by resolving exceptions and investigations quickly and transparently, effectively increasing efficiencies and vastly improving the customer experience.

Features at a glance:
  • Streamline and simplify processes to lower operational costs
  • Identify patterns of exceptions and opportunities for improvement with visibility across the payments chain
  • Deepen customer relationships with simplified, automated processes that allow for faster global payments and a better experience