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Utilizing BPM to transform enterprise IT

Cindy Cheng, ​Sr. Director of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Appian
September 6, 2013

IT is a constantly evolving industry, with new technologies, trends and ideas coming out on a near daily basis. Keeping up with the innovations and adopting the ones best suited to a company's best interests can quickly become a struggle, and many firms have to adapt solutions to help them cope. For many, business process management can provide the key to ensuring they are able to keep up and maintain a high standard of quality for operations.

There are several factors that go into optimizing enterprise IT: balancing processes, choosing the right new investments, designing infrastructure and integrating new accounts into the system. Whether adopting cloud computing or simply adding a new employee to the books, BPM software will speed up the work and help streamline the various tasks required.

Processes can present a challenge

When it comes to updating technology, ensuring that current workflow supports them and won't be broken by the new tools is critical. According to a Benchmark Survey Report, 35 percent of companies lack the proper solutions to meet SLA goals or measure the performance of related efforts. Additionally, a general failure to meet workflow goals can create problems for IT departments, from generating a high rate of IT issues to reducing the ability to meet customer requests. A focus on process management software will help improve the flow of information and efficiency of operations through flexible and swift adaptation to new processes.

Improving the balance of workloads

Process balance is a key component to optimizing IT performance. Many organizations may not be implementing the right communications, planning or job requirements to increase IT success rates and focus on growth. The Benchmark Survey Report found that over 80 percent of companies ranked process improvement as important, yet many solutions don't achieve the pure enhancements that a BPM suite can provide.

The key advantages that Appian BPM solutions offer is the flexibility and scalability of these tools through cloud and mobile support. With cloud BPM solutions, businesses can optimize workflow through an easily scalable solution, and integrating mobile tools with these services only serves to enhance the overall ease of access that businesses need to optimize process management on the fly. For IT teams, the speed and simplicity of these systems will help them implement improvements faster and ensure that the enhancements necessary to increase overall process management are in place. This will help prepare them for future growth and changes that would otherwise disrupt operations and simplify overall workflow for the entire enterprise.

Cindy Cheng

Director of Product Marketing