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Companies refocusing on BPM

Ben Farrell
May 21, 2013

Business process management methodologies offer organizations an opportunity to identify and develop the best processes possible, streamlining operations and maximizing revenue potential. However, BPM hasnot been a focal point for many organizations. In a recent iTWeb report, industry expert Craig Leppan explained that BPM was put on the back burner by many organizationswhile they focused on programs like enterprise resource planningand customer relationship management. This period of emphasizing ERP and CRM is beginning to conclude, as such projects are maturing, and BPM could be poised for a renaissance.

Looking at BPM's growing role in corporate settings

Departments that control the business side of operations are catching on to the need for BPM just in time. Leppan told the news source that companies are facing an extremely complex operational climate that leaves them striving to improve every aspect of operations to stay ahead of their peers. This is leading to a situation in whichbusiness leaders have to engage in process-focused strategies that help workers get the job done as effectively as possible. Often, these kinds of initiatives are developed through a combination of a technological platform and a process-focused methodology that combines to improve operations.

Leppan told iTWeb that keeping IT in mind when developing business strategies is essential because technology and operations are aligning in many ways. This is especially true as organizations have to find ways to respond to process and customer needs as immediately as possible.

"Whether it is a process, product or pricing change, you must be able to respond almost immediately," Leppan told the news source. "The race is on in numerous areas, such as enterprise mobility, where businesses have to move quickly. The first and fastest captures the market. With effective BPM, you know what you're doing, so you can change it, and improve it."

BPM and enterprise mobility

Mobile BPM solutions can play a key role in helping organizations accelerate process completion. Workers using smartphones and tablets are often able to work extremely flexibly because they can get the job done regardless of their location. However, passing processes along between such employees can be slow when traditional collaboration and communication tools are in place. BPM solutions apply enterprise social functionality to process environments, enabling processes to be passed quickly between users, ensuring that mobile workers are not left out of the loop just because they are away from their desks.

Ben Farrell

Director of Corporate Communications