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Hyperautomation at Scale

Driving Your Automation Pipeline for Biggest Impact

Davaughn Daniel, Associate Vice President, The Carlyle Group
Suresh Krishnan, Chief Architect & Technology Head, Intelligent Business Automation, Persistent Systems
Prakash Kumar Babu, Associate Vice President, The Carlyle Group

Whether you’re just starting out on your Hyperautomation journey with Appian or have been at it for years, growing your pipeline of automation project opportunities is the leading indicator of success. From helping you to secure budget funding, prioritize the high ROI automation projects to the top of the to-do list; With an engaged business, a proactive IT and an experienced services provider working together to find new areas to apply the Appian Hyperautomation platform into your organization.

Join Persistent as we talk with executives from Carlyle’s Business and IT to understand how they’ve identified, prioritized, and delivered their automation projects and how they plan to scale by migrating to Cloud and with some of the newest hyperautomation features Appian has to offer.