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Demystifying GenAI x Hyperautomation

Sponsor Session - Persistent

Preetpal Singh, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Automation, Persistent Systems
Teddy Smoot, Group Product Manager, Oscar Health
Josh Seeman, Digital Innovation Executive, Source Services

Embark on an exploration of the tangible game-changing impact of Generative AI as we delve into the convergence with Hyperautomation and Low-Code. Our distinguished business leaders – a veteran in the financial services industry and an executive from Oscar Health will unveil how they have strategically embraced Generative AI, moving beyond the buzzword to create real, transformative value. Gain unparalleled insights into how these innovators have harnessed Generative AI to maximize benefits, elevating their organizations to new heights of efficiency, agility, and business success. Join us for a strategic masterclass that touches the horizon, providing actionable takeaways for your organization’s digital journey.