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Examples of Generative AI in Financial Services with Permira

Sponsor Session - Roboyo

Lionel Hill, Global Chief Technology Officer, Permira

As Permira's Chief Technology Officer, Lionel has been instrumental in guiding Permira's GenAI Journey. In this session, Lionel will take you through the start of their journey with the first prototype App in 2023, built using Appian and OpenAI ChatGPT, to developing a robust strategy that has already delivered a well-used production application. Lionel will explore the challenges they've overcome in implementing M365 CoPilot and shed light on Permira's 2024 Roadmap, including the integration of LLMs within Data Warehouses and the use of Appian as an orchestration layer for GenAI-enabled applications. Join Lionel on this thrilling exploration into the future of AI and technology at Permira.