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Mission-Driven Innovation: Inspections and Digital Services at the FDA

Eliot Gerson, ICF - Appian Architect
Adele Nguyen, Senior Technical Advisor, Food and Drug Administration

How the Appian Low-Code Platform and modern service delivery models allow the FDA to address crosscutting mission challenges.

Addressing the challenges brought by cross-cutting missions in an agency like the FDA requires a different way of thinking than traditional siloed application development. Agency-wide vision and effective leadership coupled with modern tools and service delivery methods are required to break down organizational barriers and drive success at scale. In a panel hosted by ICF, Appian and representatives from FDA's Enterprise Transformation Operation and Digital Services Center will share how they're working together to extend the art of the possible on Appian to build an application suite that can address agency-wide challenges by modernizing inspections and supporting the needs of a broad array of stakeholders across FDA Centers and Offices—ultimately driving mission-oriented innovation that can withstand the test of time.