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When COTS is Not the Answer.

How to Achieve Improved Performance, Collaboration, and User Experience and Manage Enterprise Risk With Low-Code.

Kris Kogan, Director of Performance & Quality Improvement, Rocky Mountain Human Services
Steve Selby, Chief Administrative Officer, Rocky Mountain Human Services
Jason Stanis, Chief Technology Officer, Ignyte Group
Megan Markert, Product Manager, Ignyte Group

We will open with a discussion with the RMHS Champions for this effort, and Ignyte’s leaders for this effort on the key drivers for this transformation and why the Appian low-code platform was the ideal architecture and approach.

We will demonstrate key enhancements delivered by the Astro system, such as with Client notes to improve Billing Processes, including the capture of ICD 10 and CPT codes, proactive up-front validations, and the collaborative direct communications between clinicians and billing/revenue team. We will also showcase the right-sized and fit-for-purpose Electronic Health Record (EHR) capabilities, including pediatric treatment plans and confidential clinical notes. The Astro system is designed to meet RMHS’ unique requirements and improve usability by limiting complexity and not overwhelming users with functionality they didn’t need to perform their duties.

We will wrap up with a discussion about lessons learned along the way, and what is up next on the digital transformation roadmap for RMHS.