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Delivering an Automated Real Time Compliance Solution using Appian

Vijay Poondy, Yexle - Managing Director
Síobháine Slevin, Realta Logic, CEO & Co-founder, 

In regulated industries (like Banking, FS, Insurance etc.), the sheer volume of regulatory/compliance changes each year combined with tightened budgets and skills shortages makes operationalizing compliance exceedingly complex. Realta Logic brings in specialized products and services in providing end to end compliance tooling for modern organizations. Yexle has partnered with Realta Logic to deliver a fully automated compliance process that can help reduce the costs associated with compliance. The latest Appian platform features helped to deliver the solution within weeks In this session, discover how Yexle & Realta Logic created the Low code Connected Compliance solution which provides a dynamic digital regulatory intelligent solution to ensure compliance across all your business workflows.