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Appian Portals: The Front Door to Your Applications

John Rogers, Appian - Senior Manager, Product Management
Fisnik Shpuza, AARP - Director, Business Workflow Automation

Whether you need a better way to interact with customers, onboard new patients, or provide an insurance quote, Appian Portals is the best way to securely connect external users to your Appian workflows and apps without authentication.

Join Fisnik Shpuza, Director of Workflow Automation, AARP as he shares how their use of Appian Portals is helping to support AARP members who have been impacted by fraud, identity theft, and scams. In under four weeks, AARP built a robust, secure, and engaging portal to fulfill its mission. John Rogers, Sr. Manager, Product Management at Appian joins Fisnik in this conversation and shares the latest in Appian Portals innovation.