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BPM for Manufacturing and Utilities 

Business Problem

We are a worldwide auto parts supplier, focused on electronic systems, power train, suspension and exhaust systems. We found ourselves in the middle of a costly and complex enterprise deployment of SAP to all production plants and wanted to simplify the interaction non-core users had with SAP or even eliminate it completely to reduce the number of licenses required.

Process Players

  • Non-core users of the purchase request (PR) process

Process Steps

After implementing BPM, PRs and the approval process are now handled within our BPM software eliminating the amount of interactions with SAP. At the end of the process, the final PR is sent to SAP, returning back the purchase order number.

Process Benefits

Using BPM, we were able to save costs by reducing the number of licenses needed across all plants. We’ve deployed this solution to our plants in Eastern Europe with plans to expand around the world.