Département des Yvelines


Headquartered in Versailles, France, the Département des Yvelines (Departmental Council) has more than 4,000 employees. With over 1.4 million citizens, it serves the third most populated territory in France.

Alongside the Department’s elected officials, the staff work with a single and fundamental aim: to meet the needs of all citizens.

Departmental services are organized into four deputy directorates-general, headed by the director-general of services.


Business Problem

The Département des Yvelines, with the aim of expanding and improving its services to citizens, has recently launched the YSIS initiative, an umbrella program for several new solutions aimed at sustaining their mission of transformation.

As a first step, they were looking to empower their social workers to make more informed decisions about social assistance for citizens in its territory. 

The solution needed to be mobile for use in meetings with citizens. It should also support electronic signatures on documents and integrate well with its existing CRM system, Microsoft Dynamics.


Appian Solution

Appian, selected to be part of their YSIS program, worked closely with the Département des Yvelines to create a first case management solution for social workers to use in their meetings. 

The Département now has a complete solution that integrates with MS Dynamics, their CRM system. The case management solution captures case information, important documents, and electronic signatures from mobile devices on-site during client meetings. 

The digital solution replaced paperwork, data entries, and admin time for case workers to update CRM systems after meetings. Since key information is captured and approved by clients onsite with their eSignature, this shortens turnaround time, reduces errors and improves trust between case workers and citizens.

Delivered within the 8-week Appian Guarantee, on budget and within scope, the project overcame the challenges of implementing digital transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.



We were really impressed with Appian. In spite of our internal CRM constraints and this being our first AGILE methodology implementation, we met project objectives in terms of time, quality and budget within the initial project scope.

- Marc Phirmis, Project Manager