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About Princeton Blue

Princeton Blue is a leader in delivering Low-code Process Automation solutions. We help clients innovate and modernize their most strategic business processes while simplifying and enhancing their customer experience. Our deep understanding of modern automation technologies (Low-code, BPM, Dynamic Case Management and RPA) allows us to deliver fully customized and integrated automation solutions in weeks.

Deep Appian Implementation Experience

Princeton Blue has been a trusted Appian partner for 12 years. During this time, we have successfully delivered 271 projects; and 55 of those Appian projects happened in 2020. Our Appian teams in the US and India provide a cost-effective delivery model.

Princeton Blue Innovation Lab

The Princeton Blue Innovation Lab is a team of creative consultants and expert technologists from our US and India offices. Together they ideate and develop solutions for common automation challenges and Proof of Concepts for clients. While the Appian platform can address Low-code, BPM and Case Management use cases, these solutions sometimes also leverage RPA to solve automation challenges.

The Princeton Blue Innovation Lab delivered 19 Proof of Concepts in 2020 for our clients. See if this risk mitigation offering can accelerate your automation journey and test out your ideas quickly.

Build an Appian Proof of Concept

You may qualify to use our Innovation Lab to build your Proof of Concepts before you invest in Appian. Build your POCs quickly before you make a financial commitment. Brainstorm with our team of experts and see what works best for you. The Innovation Lab is a very popular service from Princeton Blue and is used by many of our clients.

Contact us if you have a use case in mind.

Industry Solutions

With 14 years of focused project experience in delivering automation solutions, Princeton Blue has gained significant insights into real customer automation challenges in various industries. We have used this experience and our automation technology thought-leadership to develop innovative solutions using Low-code Process Automation technologies for specific business use cases quickly. See how our Innovation Lab solutions can expedite your automation journey to:

  • Understand what’s possible with Appian and how your Appian solution might look like.
  • Demonstrate a working solution to internal stakeholders and decision makers before approving your project.
  • Start with a foundation for your project. Customize and enhance it further to deliver the best results.

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