Sustain small businesses through the COVID-19 crisis.

Automate lending rapidly under the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program.

Small businesses need rapid approval and access to funds unlocked by the new CARES Act. Financial institutions must respond with fast, efficient processes. The Appian PPP application enables banks to accept and manage PPP loan applications from small businesses, support their unique servicing requirements, and ensure compliance.

The new application can be live in just days, and can be quickly extended with advanced automation features including RPA and AI-powered intelligent document processing.

The application supports:

  • Loan application online, through a call center, or through intake of the SBA standard form
  • Loan qualification, including initial eligibility survey, document collection, qualification, and digital signature collection
  • PPP application fee reimbursement with automation data collection and packaging
  • Ongoing SBA reporting and compliance to maintain federal guarantee status
  • Complete reporting and auditing for easy business visibility into loan processing