Appian Aha Moment

Sharing the inspirational stories that spark creativity, interest and excitement around our technology do more than just keep the lights on, they motivate generations to keep dreaming, building and growing. From employees and customers, to partners, IT developers, and beyond, our goal is to spark as many Aha Moments as possible. 

These are our Appian Aha Moments.

What are yours?

Michael Sujith, Delivery & Account Executive, Vuram

Michael Sujith is a twice winner of the Appian Global Hackathon. Michael is currently working as a Delivery and Account Executive at Vuram in London. His over 10 years experience in the field of technology spans Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Travel, and Product Development industries.

"It is a strong stamp that people could also think this way that could trigger a lot of brilliant apps, in the same way and maybe in a different space."

Ferdi Kriel, Senior Manager, Intelligent Automation & New Technology, KPMG Belgium

Ferdi Kriel is a Senior Manager for Intelligent Automation and New Technology at KPMG Belgium. In his almost 4 years at KPMG, Ferdi has in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in low-code automations and surfs his ways through successful projects with Appian.

"To know that we've chosen the right platform to implement the solution at scale in a super quick time."

Richard Michaelis, Appian ASG Tech Lead, Accenture

Richard Michaelis is a Certified Senior Appian Designer and Associate Manager at Accenture based in Humburg, Germany. Richard is passionate about creating good UX and UI designs using the Appian Low-Code technology.

"It makes "the life of somebody else easier!"

Silvia Fossati, Area Vice President for Southern Europe

As the Area Vice President for Southern Europe at Appian, Silvia Fossati is responsible for leading the teams in Italy, France and Iberia, helping customers to successfully execute their digital transformation programs. She joined Appian in 2015, after she successfully established Easynex as the CEO and co-founder in 2010. Easynex was a process innovation and solutions consulting company focused on delivering Appian solutions to Italian clients. Silvia started her professional career in 1992 in Accenture, where she participated and then coordinated large organisational and technological projects for big Italian companies in automotive, energy and utility markets.

"I've been a customer, a partner and now an employee."

Megan Markert, Product Manager, Ignyte Group

Megan is a passionate and experienced Product Manager at the Ignyte Group delivering easy-to-understand technical demonstrations on the Appian platform for complex use cases to business-oriented prospects.

"It brings a smile to my face knowing that we're making an impact."

Miguel Gonzalez Serrano, Regional Vice President, Iberia

Miguel A. González Serrano has a mixed background in the technical and management fields of IT companies. He has an MBA from IESE Business School, a Master in Telecommunications and Information Sciences, Computer Engineering from UAM and his professional career has been oriented to the area of software consulting and sales in companies like FatWire (company acquired by ORACLE) and VASS. Since then, he took the step to embark on a new professional path and opened the Appian Iberia office from where he covers Spain and Portugal plus Global Spanish Accounts in LATAM. After four years, Appian Iberia already has 100+ employees and 70 customers, mostly large companies in the context of the IBEX 35.

"We realized we could do things for people we hadn’t done in the past."

Jennifer Durina, Sr. Solutions Consultant

Jennifer Durina has worked at Appian, in different roles, since 2013. Jennifer is a Senior Solutions Consultant.

“For my presentation, I made a dragon sighting tracking application...and it was really nice to have somebody point that out and appreciate it."

Tess Wencelblat, Partner Marketing Manager

Tess Wencelblat is Partner Marketing Manager for EMEA. Tess is active in the Appian community as Regional Lead for EMEA within the Appian Women affinity group. Tess holds a Bachelor in Advertising & PR, a Bachelor of Marketing from the University of San Pablo CEU, Madrid and an International Business Certificate from Boston University.

"When user group attendees found out event sessions were seamlessly conducted on our Appian Portals platform, they couldn’t believe it! That’s the power of #lowcode."

Mario Segovia, Technology Specialist, Coforge

Mario Segovia started his career as a Java Developer in Mexico City, until he realised the power of low-code with Appian. Mario is now a certified Appian Developer working at Coforge.

“All the people I have known because of Appian are really talented people that are always trying to help you in your journey. That's pretty amazing!" 🏆

Giammaria Ripoli, Head of Digital Operations Europe, Minsait

Giammaria Ripoli is the Head of Digital Operations Europe at Minsait and his mantra is: we are the mark we leave and the mark we wish to leave.

"A fully integrated and more collaborative platform can make anyone’s job easier–and bonus points if the interface is great to look at." 🤩

Johnny Allain-Labon, Sr. Consultant

As a Senior Consultant in Customer Success, Johnny delivers complex projects for clients across industries including financial services, manufacturing and defence. He led AppianPride's UK efforts from 2020-2021, delivering a series of events and campaigns to engage our members, educate our allies and give back to the wider community.

🏳️‍🌈 "It was so great to see that Appian was able to make a difference. People cared so much about #LGBT issues and really wanted to make an impact!"

Monika Andonova, Sr. Solutions Consultant

Monika Andonova is a Senior Partner Solutions Consultant. In her 5 years at Appian, Monika has spent time in customer project delivery and partner pre-sales. She is active in the Appian community as a Chair of the Appian Women affinity group, mentorship and new hire orientation. Monika holds a CPD in Women's Leadership Development from Oxford Said Business School and a Masters in Business Information Technology from Kingston University, London. She likes speaking Spanish, salsa dancing and weightlifting.

“Each job carries pride, as long as you can help someone.”

William Goyet, Sr. Curriculum Developer

William Goyet is a Senior Curriculum Developer out of Nantes in France. 3 years ago, he started as a trainer to teach developers and analysts on the platform. He now leads product and content development for instructor-led training. Before Appian, he studied engineering and business. His role at Appian combines a passion for technology, teaching, and enabling people to do useful and stimulating work.

“When we’re training developers, it’s their daily life that you’re impacting.”

Michelle Gardner, Director of Content Marketing

As a director of content marketing at Appian, Michelle spends most of her time writing about low-code technology, market trends, and best practices. Her favorite part of the job is getting to interview brilliant people both inside and outside of Appian. Previously, she has worked in marketing for enterprise technology companies including OpenText and Logi Analytics.

“Just seeing what low-code could do in context to something that can impact our day to day lives like COVID just brought it home for me”

Kelsey McDonell, Solutions Consultant Public Sector

Kelsey McDonell is a Public Sector Solutions Consultant. In her 6 years at Appian, Kelsey has spent time in business development, marketing, and pre-sales. She is active in the Appian community as a co-founder of the pre-sales UX Guild and as a board member of the AppianVeterans affinity group. Kelsey holds a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Maryland.

“If you had asked me 7 years ago if I would ever be building an application or building a robotic process live on stage I would say get out of here.”

Rogelio Cerrillo, Director of Customer Services

As a Director in Customer Success, Rogelio's goal is to work with clients to deliver measurable value, fast. Experienced in Federal and Commercial sectors, he has successfully led many Appian implementation teams to solve critical business issues for our customers. Rogelio has formal training in classical, jazz and contemporary dance, and has performed in numerous stages in Mexico and the Washington D.C. area. He applies the same discipline and creativity from dance to come up with innovative solutions using the Appian technology.

“That moment when they say ‘it works’ or that moment when you hear the last clap it’s very rewarding, it’s very inspiring and it really gets you going.” 

April Schuppel, Sr. Developer Advocate

April is a Senior Developer Advocate working to successfully engage Appian developers. Prior to her current role, April was Appian's Community and AppMarket Lead, working on a variety of projects to improve the Appian Community and AppMarket experience. Prior to her 3.5+ year tenure at Appian, April spent a few years as a consultant, implementing various enterprise software at manufacturing facilities across the world. Her role at Appian combines her love of teaching and helping others with her passion for automation, efficiency, and technology.

“This is a cool technology you could use to really do anything.”

James Lee, Sr. Product Strategy Software Engineer

James is the technical lead supporting Appian Community, Appian Community Edition and the Appian AppMarket. A self-taught low-code developer, he leads a team of developers responsible for building and supporting end-user experiences and tutorials for our Community of Appian developers. Prior to his current role, James worked in Appian’s Enterprise Support function, providing technical support and consultation on any matters involving the Appian Product or Appian Cloud. James earned his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

“Leadership would come to me with a question and [with low-code] I’d be able to turn around something to them in a day. Now I feel like I have super powers.”

Timothy Carroll, Sr. Software Engineer

Tim Carroll is a Senior Software Engineer out of Southeast DC, currently working on machine learning in the document understanding space. He is also the creator and lead of the DC Central Kitchen and Appian partnership, managing the creation and organization of the different teams that move us towards the goal of maximizing the impact of DC Central Kitchen's employees and volunteers.

“It’s sort of unreal to think it started with this little idea.”

Nice Yslas, Sr. Agile Coach

I joined Appian back in November of 2019 as an Agile Coach. Prior to Appian, I was a Delivery Manager at a Cyber Security firm and Delivery Lead in the Financial Services space. During my tenure at Appian, I’ve been part of process change and improvements for various teams (including Workforce Safety, Campus Pass, Government Solutions, RPA, and Sites). When I’m not keeping busy at work, you’ll find me building Legos and trying different McFlurries in different countries.

“Anything that can be automated and simplified…that’s exactly what the future looks like.”