What's New?

Appian 22.4:

A stronger data fabric, upgraded process automation tools, and more.

Appian 22.4 delivers data fabric enhancements that create more powerful record relationships for faster application development. Total experience capabilities ensure every user inside and out of your organization has what they need at their fingertips. And process automation improvements and built-in process mining capabilities make continuous improvement of your Appian workflows and applications effortless.

Unify data across systems to build powerful applications.

Data fabric enables more powerful records relationships for faster app development.

  • Easily add and store reference data in related record types, with automatic database changes. 
  • Make connections to related data quickly and conveniently.
  • Extend your data with custom record fields for even more complex calculations and transformations.
Data Fabric

Total experience capabilities – extend Appian to your external users.

Transformed Appian Portals design, DevOps, and mobile experience.

  • Deploy faster with a unified Appian Portals design and DevOps experience.
  • Reference record types directly in interfaces and expressions for your portals.
  • Configure Portals as a Progressive Web App (PWA) for superior mobile experiences.

Deliver end-to-end process automations.

Introducing a new, modernized process modeler, plus enhanced security and scalability features.

  • Deliver simplicity and even more speed to the developer experience.  
  • Create faster automations with an enhanced RPA Task Recorder, including new usability and performance updates.
  • Remote sign-in improves efficiencies for customers with specific infrastructure and security requirements. 
Appian Portals

Maximize security and compliance posture.

Appian ensures your peace of mind by keeping your applications, data, and operations secure and compliant with local and global regulations.

The Appian platform and Appian Cloud are built from the ground up for security, scalability, and reliability and meet multiple industry security standards for compliance and data privacy. Key security capabilities include:

  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK). Take complete control of how your data encryption key is used, how long it remains in use and when it should expire.
  • Appian Cloud Database Encryption. Provide enhanced safeguards against unauthorized data. Data is encrypted in real time before being written to disk, and it’s decrypted when database queries are executed.
  • Log streaming. Stream and copy log and alert information into your own SIEM environment to increase the effectiveness of security, industry certifications, and internal audits.

Watch the webinar.

Watch on demand as Malcolm Ross, Appian VP of Product Strategy and Deputy CTO, walks you through the latest low-code features and enhancements in Appian 22.4.