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What's New?

Appian 23.3

New AI Copilot, More Powerful Data Fabric, and Faster Ways to Automate.

Appian 23.3 delivers a one-stop shop for faster processes, data-driven business apps, and first-class user experiences—all on a secure and enterprise-grade platform. Accomplish tasks at record speed with generative AI, get more value from enterprise data, streamline bot management, and design more flexible sites and portals.

Introducing Appian AI Copilot, your design assistant.

Realize your development potential with generative AI that’s supercharged by the Appian Platform.

  • Generative AI. Quickly build interfaces that meet best-practice design standards.
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Streamline RPA deployment.

Appian RPA is now unified with Appian Designer, so you can create, manage, and deploy robotic tasks without navigating away.

  • RPA in Appian Designer. Save time creating robotic tasks and adding them to apps.
  • Object view. Access and edit robotic tasks like any other design object.
  • Operations Console. A dedicated space for managing RPA operations.
  • Groups and role maps. Manage who can access, modify, and administer robotic tasks in just a few clicks.

Simplify how you create and manage enterprise data.

Get more power from your data fabric by syncing more rows per record, streamlining related record data, and more.

  • Expanded record sync and queries. Sync up to 4 million rows for each record type and execute more concurrent queries.
  • Write related records. Create more efficient processes with the new ability to write records and related records in a single node. data from html tables spanning multiple pages.
  • Capture automated events. Derive deeper insights into the relations between data and process automations.
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Build even better sites and portals.

Building great experiences for your employees and customers more easily with new, more flexible design functions.

  • Page groups. Add secondary menus to site navigation for an easier, more intuitive experience.
  • URL parameters. Securely pass information to portals with encrypted url parameters to show a specific use case, like preset filters.
  • Portal links. Easily create links to your portal with the new a!urlForPortal function.
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Appian 23.3

23.3 Product Announcement Webinar

See the latest updates to the Appian AI-Powered Process Platform.