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Insight to Action

A straightforward start to your process optimization journey.

Go from insight to action, fast.

Process inefficiency costs money, wastes time, and increases risk. Many organizations attempt to improve and modernize processes through digital transformation, but these efforts often fall short due to lack of organizational alignment, limited resources, and failure to act on insights.

The Appian Insight to Action offering gives you an easy way to get started with process optimization. It combines industry-leading process mining and process automation with the deep domain expertise of the Appian Customer Success team. And with the power of the Appian Platform underlying it all, you can go from insight to action, fast.

With Insight to Action, you’ll get: 

  • A process mining assessment of a single process conducted by our expert Customer Success team. 
  • A presentation of findings, including insights backed by expert analysis. 
  • A customized Action Plan for continuous improvement along with
  • Implementation services and checkpoints.
  • A final readout evaluating the impact of the process changes.

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