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Artificial Intelligence

Infuse AI into your workflows.

The Appian AI Skill Designer empowers you to use native AI to securely process content at scale.

Build AI into your wider processes.

Leverage AI-driven content processing.

Native AI capabilities with easy-to-train AI Skill models, intelligent document processing, and strong data privacy.

Gain rapid ROI.

Accelerate time to value by making the hard parts of AI and ML easy.

Build intelligent, AI-driven apps, fast.

Use low-code to build fully integrated AI apps with a 90% reduction in development time.

Achieve end-to-end process automation.

Orchestrate across bots, humans, and AI to automate processes end-to-end.

Ready to learn how your business could benefit from the Appian AI Skill Designer?

  • Native AI.
    AI Skills can be seamlessly added via Appian’s AI Skill Designer—no additional downloads necessary.
  • Intelligent document processing.
    Classify and extract data from important business documents.
  • Email classification.
    Train models quickly to recognize incoming emails and route to the appropriate teams.
AI-driven Content Processing
  • No specialized knowledge required.
    Getting value from AI can sometimes feel out of reach. Appian AI Skill Designer simplifies the complexity.
  • Simple but scalable.
    Easy to get, build, and deploy, yet powerful enough to scale up or down to meet your organizational needs.  
  • Augment human interactions.
    Connect humans and AI in one seamless workflow.
Artificial Intelligence ROI
  • Quickly prepare data and processes.
    Use visual low-code tools to connect data to business processes.
  • Train models easily and maintain data privacy.
    Train AI models for content processing—and use your own data to maintain privacy without third-party vendors.
  • Extract data accurately.
    Leverage pre-built models to extract critical data from documents.
  • Put humans in the driver’s seat.
    Roll up data, process, and AI into an empowered workforce using simple but powerful UI tools.
AI Rapid Deployment
  • Process management.
    Seamlessly connect business workflows to AI services to improve workforce efficiency.
  • Robotic process automation.
    Use AI to determine best actions and leverage bots to automate mundane tasks.
  • Decision rules.
    Pass AI recommendations through decision tables to route information to the right teams.
  • Case management.
    Provide case workers with recommendations and sentiment analysis in real time.
Hyperautomation with AI

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