Appian with Blue Prism

When Efficiency Counts

Use Appian with Blue Prism to become an efficient, customer centric organization. Automate routine tasks across your legacy and modern systems and free your workforce to drive even more value for customers.

Appian Robotic Workforce Manager

Scale automation to deliver maximum ROI.

  • Expand and scale your automation program.
  • Bring people & bots together for greater automation. 
  • Manage exceptions, human activities & cognitive automation.
  • Empower line of business users with greater self-service capabilities.
  • Help the Automation Center of Excellence (COE) provide governance, visibility, and control over the digital workforce.

End-to-End Automation

Use Appian and Blue Prism to automate any process.

  • Add Blue Prism bots to handle tasks in any Appian process.
  • Saddle the bots with routine tasks, freeing the workforce to drive value, not cost.
  • Automate any application on any platform – mainframe, Windows, WPF, Java, etc. 
  • Reduce errors and increase efficiency with bots that can do the same tasks 24x7.

Learn why a DigitalOps toolbox that includes critical technologies like RPA, BPM, AI, and Low-Code is essential to intelligent business process automation objectives.

Engage with the work that matters most

With Appian and Blue Prism, organizations can automate repetitive tasks in their overall business process while the workforce engages with the work that matters most.

  • Break down the barriers between people, systems and processes.
  • Keep your legacy systems. Improve the user experience.
  • Track, audit, and report on robot actions. Make sure you get the most from your investment.