IT's Critical Role as Development Evolves

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In response to digital business demands, organizations are automating everything and anything they can — and are rapidly outpacing IT’s capacity to keep up. As a result, both the face and focus of application development is changing as organizations look to extend this capability outside the traditional realm of IT developers.

This democratization of development, however, introduces a wide range of challenges surrounding governance, security, and strategy — and raises some critical questions for enterprise leaders.

No IT organization can keep up with the insatiable demand for automation and new applications that is the new reality for enterprises. At the same time, there is no escaping that the IT organization will forever be responsible for the effectiveness, security, and fitness of any application deployed into the enterprise — regardless of where or how it was developed.

Read this paper to understand why:

  • The democratization of development presents opportunity for IT leadership to assume a new and more important role in the digital enterprise
  • New approaches and technologies such as low-code development platforms are needed to overcome the challenges of a democratized developer pool
  • Forward-looking IT leaders are embracing these new approaches