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End-to-End Security with Appian Intelligent Document Processing

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Security should always be a priority when developing applications for any use case. How can my data be accessed? Who can access it? Where does it go? Where is it used? These are critical questions to ask when considering new technologies.

Appian Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) transforms the tedious and expensive manual task of extracting data from business documents. Because security is paramount, Appian built IDP with rigorous protections and standards.

In this paper, we examine the end-to-end systems that ensure data remains secure within IDP.

Read this security whitepaper to learn about:

  • The anatomy of IDP including pre-classification/model training, document type classification, document extraction, and post-extraction reconciliation
  • End-of-life timelines data and document end-of-life timelines
  • Appian security measures
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) security measures