Streamline claims, empower your workforce and provide a seamless customer experience

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Striking the right balance between automation and the human touch is a top concern for every insurance individual, and it’s especially crucial in claims.

The challenge remains how to utilise technology to enable efficient, accelerated claims management and in turn, provide a smoother customer journey to reduce customer query response times from days to seconds. But it’s a big ask – so how do you achieve this?

In this one-hour free webinar you’ll hear how to:

  • Build a strategy to drive innovation: Invest strategically in technology to streamline claims & underwriting and create hyper-efficient workflows with limited resources
  • Create a superior employee experience: Reallocate your claims teams to focus on complex claims to maximise human efficiencies and provide true job satisfaction
  • Transform the customer journey: Find the perfect balance between automation and personalisation
  • Turn innovation into a competitive edge: Foster a culture of innovation capable of harnessing multiple technologies to dynamically meet your customer’s needs
  • Learn lessons on what’s worked – and what hasn’t – and build the confidence to take risks to make a positive change in your claims department

Listen to senior claims professionals from Aviva, AXA and Allianz discuss how to streamline claims, empower your workforce and provide a seamless CX.