How has COVID-19 catalyzed digital transformation in the financial services industry?

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In the decade following the 2008-2009 financial crisis, we heard a lot about digital transformation. Yet few global financial institutions would likely have considered themselves digital leaders. There was greater attention to evolving customer expectations, new entrants like non-traditional players and fintechs, and a rapidly evolving technology landscape but few fundamental changes in how financial institutions operate and deliver customer value.

In a  matter of weeks, COVID-19 exposed the urgent need for greater agility and resilience.

During this interactive session on Driving Digital Value. We explore whether COVID-19 been the catalyst for digital transformation in the financial services industry and discuss the findings of our recent Financial Times (FT) Focus survey, which demonstrates that banks are able to be agile, innovate and implement new technologies when the market demands.You’ll learn how the Appian low-code automation platform helps financial institutions quickly respond to whatever comes next, and next after that.