Financial Services and Insurance: Thriving in Cost-constrained Times

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The global pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for financial institutions and insurers, stirring up painful memories of the financial crisis of 2008. Since then, we have seen a decade of stress testing and capital rebuilds, ensuring that most insurers and financial institutions have sufficient financial resources to weather a downturn. However, cash flow pressures, strain on investment portfolios, the possibility of delayed payments and falling investment demand are forcing financial institutions and insurers to reimagine business models.

Join industry experts in Financial Services and Insurance for a candid conversation on the current state of the financial services and insurance industries.

In this session we examine:

  • How the speed of low-code can enable financial institutions and insurers to deliver on the massive acceleration in customer demand for digital channels.
  • Why financial institutions and insurers should take this opportunity to recreate a personalized customer experience in a virtual environment.