Manage the safety of your workforce during COVID-19.

Our Workforce Safety solution helps deliver a safe, smooth, and compliant transition from COVID quarantine back to on-site work.

Appian is committed to helping you mitigate the risks of COVID-19 for your employees, families, partners, and communities — while managing the complexities of restarting on-site work. To ensure people are productive and safe in the workplace, organizations will need to consider individual employee health and risk screenings, whether an employee’s role can be efficiently done remotely, corporate policies, and a variety of national and regional government regulations.

The Workforce Safety solution is an enterprise command center for employee health and work status. It enables compliance with corporate policies and government COVID-related regulations, while maintaining the privacy and security of employee health information.

Starting at $5K per month, this simple pricing model is designed to get you up and running and serving your workforce, fast.


  • A unified command center. Improve crisis management. Manage the health and work status of all employees in real time, through one single interface.
  • Fast, easy workforce screening. Your employees use a simple web or mobile interface to submit and update personal health and risk data required by local law and corporate policy.
  • Intelligent return-to-workplace certification. Employee health and risk submission data to automatically authorize an employee’s return to the workplace after COVID.
  • Phased return-to-workplace. Return your people to work with a phased or rotating approach. Automate return authorizations based on geography, team, role, personal health risk, workspace capacity, or other factors.
  • Investigatory contact tracing. Respond to COVID-19 exposures rapidly. Easily track and respond to incidents with investigatory case management, in accordance with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.
  • Global reach. Available in English, Italian, Spanish, German, and French, with the ability to expand to other languages.