Resource and Care Coordination

Adopt a solution at speed in times of need.

Delivering the best possible care and effectively managing your resources are fundamental to the success of patient outcomes. Our Resource and Care Coordination solution for UK Healthcare gives you visibility and control over your operations.

Coordinating care, discharging of patients and allocating the right pathway is particularly challenging given the current Hospital Discharge Service Requirements and Care Home issues during the pandemic, with the increased and unpredictable patient volumes and strain on resources.

Connected Care

Streamline patient pathways to coordinate care and improve outcomes.

Flexibility in Times of Change

If regulations change, your workflows adapt. Quick and easy.

Scalable to Meet Unpredictable Demand

Exception handling made simple.

A leading UK Healthcare organization is using low-code automation to improve patient outcomes and alleviate stress on providers. This latest solution will enable providers to serve more patients while also ensuring the provision of a gold standard quality of care.

The Appian Solution

  • Fast, easy workforce screening. Your employees use a simple web or mobile interface to submit and update personal health and risk data required by local law and by corporate policy.
  • Fully utilise and prioritise resources. Cross-organisational status visibility and planning.
  • Streamline and automate patient pathways. Complete transparency across multiple agencies.
  • A unified command center. You see and manage the health and work status of all employees in real time, through one single interface.
The mission has never been more critical.

Our Resource and Care Coordination solution will give you the confidence to coordinate your healthcare operations, at any scale.

Powerful Case Management

Appian is rated #1 in Case Management by Forrester so your team can act quickly and decisively to investigate and resolve issues, in real time.

Reliable and Secure.

When your practitioners and patients are a priority, nothing but the best will do. With leading reliability, RTO/RPO, and comprehensive security qualifications, Appian Cloud is trusted to run mission-critical business for the world’s best companies.

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