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Clinician Management

Retain the best talent to improve patient and member outcomes.

An agile platform for clinical personnel management, from credentialing and licensure management to onboarding and retaining the best talent.

Better streamline clinician management.

A leading cancer network deployed a quality tracking solution to ensure its affiliates can deliver consistent and differentiated care for individual patients. The mobile-enabled solution, delivered in just five months with Appian, eliminated time-consuming manual processes, reducing administrative burdens and allowing for a greater focus on providing exceptional care.

  • Automate member enrollment
    Grow membership and better satisfy and retain current members.
  • Take the stress out of open enrollment
    Repalce outdated, complex member onboarding, enrollment, and maintenance processes, and unify member data across systems.
  • Achieve a seamless customer experience by always having access to real-time member data
    Gain better visibility into member enrollment status and onboarding in real-time.
  • Deliver a quality student tracking experience
    Appian provides a single interface for easier tracking of medical and nursing students, along with interns, residents, and fellows.
  • Automate clinical qualifications and scheduling, all while monitoring progress
    We empower students and universities to seamlessly connect with information about courses, acceptances, authorizations, and more, from practicum locations.
  • Onboard your students faster and easier
    Automate processes for streamlined communication and reduce random one-off actions.

Hear from Dr. Linda Ellis Independent Care Health Plan’s Chief Medical Officer, and Cate McConnell, Industry Practice Lead for Healthcare Payers at Appian, as they explore how digitally-enabled provider relationship management programs can decrease provider friction and increase provider retention.

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