Connected Servicing

Transform the customer experience with more streamlined, seamless transactions.

Trusted by leading Financial Services institutions.

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After onboarding an institutional client, you need to ensure that their service requests are addressed quickly and accurately. As client needs evolve, it is important to stay agile, and relying on rigid spreadsheets and emails puts new streams of revenue and new client relationships at risk.  

Connected Servicing, the second in the Appian suite of Customer Lifecycle Management solutions, enables you to fast-track service requests for recently onboarded institutional clients. Built on the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform, Connected Servicing offers all of the adaptability, extensibility, and speed-to-market enjoyed by leading financial services organizations across the globe, and it can quickly be configured to your unique needs and process requirements.

Connected, automated, and personalized.

Secure Self-Service Client Portal

Enable end-user clients to create service requests, upload documents, and review the status of open items.  

Process Configuration

Empower business users to configure and change customer request tasks on the fly without having to rely on IT.

Intelligent Automation

Automate document processing with machine learning and leverage RPA to automate human and system tasks.

Connected Data

Ensure everyone in your organization is on the same page, connecting data across legacy processes, systems, and checklists into one view for each customer.

Streamlined interactions, from start to finish.