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Extensive Process Modeling Tools Made Portable

Process modeling tools can include anything from a user friendly workflow environment with drag and drop capabilities, to publishing capabilities that allow changes in the workflow environment to effect change in real life, and even real-time analytics that allow users to anticipate not only issues and bottlenecks, but also trends and opportunities.

Appian the distributor of the leading business process management software suite can do all this and more, with portable functionality. The Appian Anywhere is a 100% web-based collection of process modeling tools that has been designed to quickly build and deploy process-based applications, to be used for collaborative efforts and to effect real time improvements to actual business processes. Appian Anywhere is a platform that makes use of the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which businesses can subscribe to for a monthly fee. The system can be accessed from anywhere with a compatible browser and internet connection, including from handheld devices in remote locations.

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