BPM for Retail Manufacturing

Business Problem

We are a leading retailer with thousands of stores in over 60 countries. Our previous process to track new lease deals from inception to execution was done across a variety of different siloed tools including a great deal of manpower. We needed to consolidate that process to enhance visibility and establish a workflow management system.

Process Players

  • Internal real estate team and lessees

Process Steps

Using BPM, we created a workflow system that has eliminated the need for previous tools, providing a single consolidated platform where we manage store leases and agreements. In addition, we now have an application that contains live data feeds from other systems that house store records, leases, and financial data from our data warehouse.

Process Benefits

With BPM and our new applications, we have been able to avoid missing critical dates that remove our opportunity to negotiate lease deals saving us, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ve also been able to track how our negotiation teams have been performing due to increased visibility the BPM platform has provided.