Renovation Management with BPM

Business Problem

We are a large manufacturer and retailer of nutrition supplements with stores around the world. In a company-wide initiative to renovate our stores, we needed a solution to decrease the time it took to complete each project.

Process Players

  • Corporate employees
  • Inventory managers
  • Renovation team

Process Steps

By adopting a BPM platform we have a unified way to track which stores require renovation and the progress on each project. We’ve replaced a manual driven process to an automated one, allowing our team to move thru each key step quickly and efficiently. We’ve also used an application to determine what products are underperforming to take those out of our renovation plan.

Process Benefits

Our old process required more than 30 days to finish a project. Using BPM we have cut that time by more than half. The platform also stores all information about each store in regards to location and leases.