BPM for Marketing

Assist Marketing Department Requests and Assist Marketing Operations with BPM

As one of the largest life insurance and financial services companies in the world, we relied heavily on our marketing department for our messaging to our customers. Every year, thousands of complex creative design, communication, print pieces, web content and sales support requests were received by marketing and we needed a more streamlined way to handle those.

Process Players

  • Marketing department
  • Customer facing departments

Process Steps

We built custom applications on a BPM platform where employees can now both create and route marketing requests all in one place. Every department can view the status, and now there is a standard for creative requests that makes the whole process more streamlined.

Process Benefits

Now that we have one centralized location for these marketing requests to live they are all standardized and more manageable for our marketing department to handle. It also allows us to easily report on the fulfillment of these requests and get these in front of our customers quicker.