Aligning Data Across Systems with BPM

Business Problem

In order to create a system for our business needs, we patched together multiple information technology tools over the years. This system required lots of manual data entry with the same data having to be entered into multiple applications. Extracting information from this system was also a challenge both for general inquiries and standardized reporting. All of this limited the business’s ability to optimize processes and scale our efforts. Maintenance costs were also high due to a siloed development approach.

Process Players

  • Invoicing and billing team, operations department, reporting and metrics team

Process Steps

We decided on a BPM platform to manage IT requests for application services, statement of work (SOW) creation, and SOW tracking and approval. In doing this, multiple legacy systems have been retired and data has been consolidated into one new application on the platform. The new application is integrated with the others involved in the process to eliminate most, if not all, duplication of entries.

Process Benefits

In the new BPM application, manual data entry has been reduced, key data is automatically aligned across systems, and pricing information is automatically integrated into the SOW process. We now have a real-time, self-service reporting mechanism and full process visibility with easy audit and traceability.