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What if There was a Playbook for Success?

Appian Contributor
March 3, 2016

I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, I LOVED video games.

My brother and I spent hours in the basement playing all sorts of games. There was one, though, that we loved more than others.

Super Mario Brothers!

We would compete for hours, trying to see who could get the farthest on a single life. I'd always kick my brother's butt. It was greatÖUntilÖ

Until the day he secretly bought and read a playbook.

Unbeknownst to me, Dave read and committed to memory strategies, best practices, and secret codes so that his Mario was an incredible force!

Dave quickly catapulted ahead of me, reaching new levels we'd never been able to uncover.

Years later, he came clean, sharing his playbook. When I opened it up, it was incredible how easy mastering the game could become!

It got me thinking...what if there was a playbook for things we do in our work? If there was a guide that answered questions, gave cool and easy strategies for success, and generally was there to make you better, wouldn't that be something you'd read? Wouldn't it be something you'd make sure to have quickly accessible?

Apparently, others felt this way too. Because today, there is such a playbook for Appian!

The newly released Appian Playbook answers common questions and provides advice relating to the best ways to use our enterprise application platform. Examples of subject matter include:

    • Selecting a Good First Project

    • Integrating using Email

    • Setting up for Disaster Recovery

    • Organizing your Appian Program

All advice comes directly from Appian Professional Services and the Appian Center of Excellence, experts that continually work in real-life scenarios and environments. These folks have seen it all!

Plus, unlike my brother's secret guide for Super Mario Bros., it's no secret! The Appian Playbook is available to anyone with an Appian Community account. It's included as part of your Appian investment.

If you're an Appian customer or partner, I highly recommend you check it out!