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See the Systems Behind the HIMSS

Staff, Appian
February 24, 2016

See the Systems Behind the HIMSS

Following is an excerpt from an upcoming paper: Improving the Patient and Provider Experience: The Systems Behind the Smiles. [Note: the paper is now available.]

Visit Appian (booth #10430) at HIMSS 2016 and learn more about the Healthcare Systems Behind the Smiles!


Not too long ago, we spoke of front-office versus back-office.

The front-office dealt directly with customers. The back-office played crucial but supporting roles behind the scenes.

Increasingly and especially in healthcare these layers are merging.

Back-office systems are becoming front-office systems, as customers especially younger ones prefer mobile apps over human interaction. These trends dictate complete transparency of any systems directly or indirectly affecting your customer's journey.

Healthcare is full of complex systems. Your customers members, patients, providers, and partners increasingly call the shots. For all of us, the challenge is to design, manage, and improve our systems so we can maximize their smiles.

Of course, healthcare payers and providers have many different challenges.

When it comes to the Systems Behind the Smiles, all face four key challenges:

    • Improving collaboration

    • Sharing data

    • Managing risk

    • Improving member and provider experiences

In response to these challenges and requirements, today in healthcare, either we use existing, packaged software which may or may not fit out workflows and rarely fully addresses our challenges, or we write healthcare software from scratch ourselves.

In the first case, we are dependent on someone else, who may or may not understand (or even care) about our workflow, not to mention keeping that software up to date. In the second instance, let's call a spade a spade: you often get stuck with a mess. Healthcare organizations typically don't have full time mobile programmers. If you hire someone to create an app, it's expensive to create and then even more expensive to maintain.

Instead, consider the third alternative: the right BPM infrastructure.

Imagine you can draw your workflows and automatically turn them into cross-platform but still native mobile applications.

Imagine the time from health plan product idea to health plan app becoming days...not months...or years.

This is what the Systems Behind the Smiles makes possible.


To learn more, please visit Appian at HIMSS.We'll be in booth #10430.

See you in Las Vegas next week!

Christina Fisher