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Healthcare BPM for Relentless Incrementalism

Appian Contributor
July 5, 2016

Many people can relate to this goal: wanting to lose weight.

Even what may seem like a small amount of weight, 10-15 pounds, can feel like a lofty goal when you get on the scale and see those numbers staring back at you.

But what if you took it one pound or less at a time? Celebrated each loss, no matter how small, as a victory, and saw any gain as a chance to do even better tomorrow?

A lofty goal can seem like an impossible goal if you don't take it step by step.

That's where Relentless Incrementalism comes in.

Relentless incrementalism is all about taking a series of small steps toward a goal and being persistent.

It's something that works for taking back your health when it comes to weight loss, and also for healthcare when it comes to BPM softwarethrough Agile Development.

Some BPM companies take an all expansive approach at their health plan data and process management, going in and tackling the data all at once.

At Appian, we think the key to transforming health plan data and process management is through relentlessly changing and improving data and process management strategies, all the way, one step, and one business process at a time.

Entire sophisticated health plan software applications can be built in just weeks, sometimes days. After the deployment, processes can be easily modified using our automated business process modeling software, oftentimes directly by the business user with minimal involvement from IT. Actionable data is generated from existing data sources or can also be collected through the Appian application.

Another Appian plus, these applications are automatically generated for mobile use eliminating the need for additional BPMS software development, and the associated costs and time that accompany that.

Appian breaks down the typical data silos and empowers users to be more efficient and effective by creating dynamic records which provide a more comprehensive view of members, providers and processes.

What does this mean for healthcare payers?

With this, Appian enables you to deliver better care management for your members and helps reduce the overall cost of many administrative tasks. Appian empowers you to become the kind of organization you want to be.

Want to learn more about how you can make your members, and your life, easier? Contact me today.