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Harness the Possibilities of Agile: Deliver Value Quickly & Reduce Risk

Appian Contributor
March 29, 2016

New Appian Learning Path: Agile Fundamentals

Do your project delivery processes get in the way of frequent production releases? Have you ever spent months gathering requirements, only to discover that they don't reflect real end user needs or accommodate the changes you need?

If you're one of the many who have faced problems similar to these, Appian Training has a new learning path for you: Agile Fundamentals.

Agile drives project delivery success by focusing on speed, quality, adaptability, transparency, and continuous feedback. Agile Fundamentals covers the theory and best practices needed to successfully implement Agile within the context of an Appian project.

Learn and practice Agile roles, responsibilities, and best practices through an interactive mix of discussion, lecture, videos, and hands-on small group exercises. Participants will visually track their progress against course objectives, examine Appian-specific project examples, and brainstorm how to address challenges facing their teams.

When you complete this two-day in-person course, you'll be ready to:

    • Teach your delivery team how to start being Agile

    • Make immediate process improvements

    • Face delivery challenges head on

Register today to learn how to harness the possibilities of Agile to deliver value quicker and reduce risk! View the full course agenda & see available classroom dates at