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BPM Solutions Offer Key Advantages as App Development Platforms

Joshua Hoffman
January 19, 2016

Mobile application development platforms have been getting plenty of hype recently as solutions uniquely suited to help businesses handle the challenges associated with enterprise mobility. As happens with any technology gaining hype, application development platforms have also been put under a great deal of scrutiny. A recent TechTarget report highlighted the typical limitations associated with app platforms, and in doing so emphasized the importance of choosing the right vendor for your organization's needs.

When it comes to choosing the best possible enterprise mobile app platform, business process management software systems can unlock a few key benefits.

Key considerations when choosing a mobile app development platform

According to TechTarget, app development platforms can empower organizations to use low-code functions and deploy apps without needing to have in-house IT teams involved in the project. While the potential benefits are clear here, there are also limitations that can come into play when using these tools. In particular, you need to avoid getting locked in to specific source code setups that will make a future platform switch extremely difficult. You should also ensure the core functions of the platform will not limit your ability to customize apps based on your needs.

App development can be simple and effective with the right tools in place.App development can be simple and effective with the right tools in place.

Beyond these potential pitfalls, however, the news source explained that the operational and cost efficiency benefits of app development platforms are significant. Taking advantage of these gains while avoiding potential problems hinges on choosing the right vendor. A few solution provider characteristics to look for before settling on a platform, according to TechTarget, include:

    • Supporting the mobile operating systems that you care about.

    • Including necessary identity and policy management functions.

    • Integrating with corporate data points as needed.

    • Providing management, performance metrics and support throughout your entire app life cycle.

A vendor that is capable of meeting all of these demands can position organizations to avoid the most unfortunate problems caused by an overly limited app development platform - a solution that prevents apps from aligning with business demands. Avoiding this problem is where BPM tools are especially helpful.

Using BPM software to avoid app development limitations

Ensurethat apps are easily customized and fine tuned to meet workflow requirements and fit naturally within the way that users get the job done. The core functionality of BPM - mapping, optimizing and automating processes - ensures that development systems built into the technology deliver the results organizations need.