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BPM Platforms and...Robots?

Jorge Sanchez, Sr. Director, Product Strategy, Appian
March 24, 2016

I love playing video games. I always have, and perhaps I always will.

I am always amazed with the evolution of video games.

To me, it all started with Pong on the Atari console. Then Duck Hunt and Mario in the original NES. Ahh the frustration of seeing that cute dog laughing at me. I loved it!

As an old-time gamer, I have experienced many firsts: consoles, 3D worlds, vibrating remotes, amazing real-looking graphics, mobile games. Designers are always finding new ways to immerse the player even more in the experience.

Today, that's Virtual Reality devices. Tomorrow? I can hardly wait to see.

But videogames are not the only things that evolve.

IoT and the BPM Evolution

BPM has always been about bringing people and business processes together. For years we've managed with paper-based processes, software based processes, regulatory-driven processesÖand they have always involved people.

As BPM systems evolve, so do the use cases they can accommodate, to the point one starts wondering, where is the limit? Organizations want to integrate more and more systems, mobile apps, and even IoT. The Internet of Things opens a whole new world of possibilities.

What happens when the "T" in IoT happens to be a Robot?

No, this is not as far-fetched an idea as it once wasÖrelegated to Sci-Fi TV shows and novels. Robots are also evolving and now we can integrate other technologies with them. How would leveraging robots change the way we use our BPM platforms?


So are we.

So much so, in fact, that we decided to put this to the test. Want to find out more? Join us at Appian World, where we'll have a very special (metal) guest!

-Jorge Sanchez, Director, Product