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Three Steps to Better Address Change

Appian Contributor
May 15, 2015

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."

Benjamin Franklin

Why is change so tough?

We become tied to what we know. We turn our actions into habit. We become comfortable with how things get accomplished. And, it is when this how' broadly becomes comfortable, that we as people, as leaders, as technologists, as workers are at risk of becoming stagnant; our organizations at risk of becoming irrelevant.

Especially now, we have to be open to new ideas, new technologies, new ways of conducting business. And so, when it comes to traditional BPM and Case Management software, forget what you know. The schemas you associate with these technologies are holding you back.

Think about it...Just ten years ago, enterprise technology had to be complex to be considered good. iPhones did not exist. Social collaboration meant instant messaging. Workflow automation and enterprise portals were all the rage.

Today, can you imagine a world without mobile connectivity? Without the inclusive, social nature of modern technologies? Without the convergence of enterprise tech that integrates, and manages lots and lots of capabilities?

But there's good news. To stay relevant, organizations can be navigated through the change. And while transformation is never trivial, there are fundamental steps that can pave the journey. Here are three steps your organization can take right now to improve operations and successfully embrace digital transformation:

    • Step 1: Become natively mobile.

Native mobility is important to gain alignment with both employee and customer expectations. Information should flow in real-time so work is done more quickly and customers get what they want, right when they want it.

    • Step 2: Become inclusive.

Your greatest organizational strength is largely untapped. It's your people and their ideas. It's those synergies that happen when your entire workforce is empowered to effortlessly share and learn from ideas, comments, and knowledge of others. Proactively pursue inclusion.

    • Step 3: Become truly agile.

Agility is paramount to drive new product innovation, develop new and better ways to do things, and quickly deploy these to outpace competition. Do you ever feel like you're frozen there are just too many barriers, too many systems, too much information to make the right move? What if you could unify everything so moving fast was just how things happened?

Don't hold on to how it's been done. The latest innovations of modern iBPMS, Case Management, and other technologies mean you can manage perpetual change more easily than ever before. Continually grow and progress in this regard, and your organization will improve, achieve, and succeed into the future.

Zach Messler