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Mobility, Actionable Data Connect the Enterprise to The Internet of Things

Staff, Appian
July 31, 2015

With the onset of the iWatch and Google Glass' potential return to the enterprise, the Internet of Things (IoT) conversation continues to dominate tech headlines.

Businesses across all industries are looking to tap into the power of IoT and leverage smart devices to stay ahead of competition.

While new tools and smart devices are exciting, the business value behind the IoT movement can be overlooked. The data itself, not the device in which data is collected, holds the transformation gains IoT can bring to business. Data needsto be easily consumed, and business users must be able to take swift action on knowledge from data to ensure real work takes place via any device.

In addition to actionable data, the mobile user experience of smart devices must equal that of the desktop the enterprise has become accustom to. Whether on Android tablet, iWatch or Google Glass, employees must be able to access and complete work on the go with the same level of productivity as from behind the desk.

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-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager