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Mobile App Development Platforms Vital in Enterprise Mobility Plans

Joshua Hoffman
November 11, 2015

Apps are the primary currency of the mobile enterprise. You can give employees all the devices they could ever dream of, but those investments won't deliver meaningful business value until you've created or adopted the right apps and services to empower your users. Mobile enterprise application platformsare giving organizations the tools they need to embrace mobility strategies and maximize return on investment. However, development isn't always simple. A recent CIO magazine report explained that companies that hope to leverage mobile apps effectively need to be strategic in their development initiatives.

Vision - the key to unlocking mobile devices

An app development project must begin with a clear vision of what problem the technology will solve. According to the news source, many organizations would benefit from keeping their mobile apps simple. Developing a vision for an app that solves one or two key problems and getting the app outto users can ensure that those solutions create immediate returns and empower your employees from the outset. Businesses must remember that a good mobile app isn't usually meant to replace fully featured enterprise software suites. Instead, they are designed to meet specific operational demands, and keeping this focused vision in mind can simplify development.

"App platforms empower non-tech users to create simple, functional apps."

Simplifying data management is also critical. The report explained that organizations can simplify mobile app development if they configure their system to minimize the data that is actually stored on the phone. Keeping data in the cloud eliminates many of the complexities that come with creating the actual app, making it easier to keep the project as focused as possible.

The user experience is incredibly important when developing mobile apps. The news source explained that companies should put the emphasis on creating an attractive, clean and intuitive UI that will create a positive impression and allow for easy navigation.

Mobile app development doesn't need to a chore

Simplicity, focus and the user experience are all critical for mobile apps. Managing these points of emphasis is easier if your business teams, not your IT workers, are developing the app. Modern mobile app platforms are using low-code functionality to empower non-tech users to create simple, functional and focused app experiences that they can put into use quickly. As organizations work to improve mobile apps by aligning them with clear visions for business growth, the ability to use application platforms to give individuals direct control to create custom apps becomes incredibly valuable.