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Mashable's 2015 Mobile Predictions

Ben Farrell
January 8, 2015

Mashable rounded up a group of mobile technology experts - including our CEO Matt Calkins - and asked for their predictions on what will happen in the world of mobility in the next 12 months. The story, "15 Mobile Trends to Watch in 2015," is an interesting and far-reaching read that illustrates how deeply mobile devices have embedded themselves in our lives.

The proliferation of mobile devices (looks like there are now more of them than there are human beings), and demographic changes (Millennials coming into their own as the rest of us older folks get...well, even older), combined with the headlong race to 5G, means that the rate of change will only continue to accelerate. Those changes will cut across a broad spectrum of technology, business, and personal implications.

Some of the predictions seem fairly "safe" (read: a bit obvious) to me. Devices will mold into a broader array of wearables. Consumer brands will look to extend the role of mobile interaction. Mobile payment will emerge as the dominant method. The inevitability of BYOD policy changes. And of course there are cautions about mobile data, and mobile becoming a prime hacker target.

I find some of the other predictions a little more intriguing - thoughts on the "connected home," "connected cars," and all the rest that goes with the Internet of Things. The impact that new mobile tech will have on our health and well-being. This is cool stuff.

Matt chose to focus on something more holistic and fundamental: while the desktop won't go away in the next 12 months, the core of the battle between desktop and mobile - which "experience" will win - has a clear victor (spoiler: it ain't the desktop). 2015 will be a victory lap for a "mobile first" mentality, even on the desktop. He's talking about screen-agnostic platforms and applications that adhere to mobile's basic tenet of intuitive, fluid ease of use regardless of the access device. This is a crucial point for IT development teams trying to satisfy business and customer demands. It also happens to be a key point of value in Appian's application platform.

One note: Mashable's piece was sponsored by Mastercard, so you have to get through their promo section to get to the predictions. It's worth it.

-Ben Farrell, Director, Communications